Quick Cover

Flexible & affordable support

This unprecedented service helps our clients to manage sickness and absence. We specialise in providing instant short term cover, whether for that is for just a few hours or for a few days or a few weeks.  

Once a working relationship with a client is established, they simply pick up the phone and call us when they need help from experienced revenue officers.

  As one client puts it, “We can quickly react to changing circumstances – meaning we are able to maintain our high performance despite instances of staff annual leave, absence and sickness. Something we’ve not seen offered by anyone else”.

Whilst QC was originally an income management service, we are now able to cover a variety of roles and can support Call Centres too.

Designed to complement as opposed to replace the function of traditional employment agencies, we provide an altogether different service.

Help is now at hand, straight away. 

This service helps to fund the training and employment of residents.