Carly's Story

 “We don’t all get to be where we want to be at the first attempt”

Carly is a shining example of how our approach can give someone the fresh start they need.

Carly’s an exceptional credit controller who achieves great results from her low-level arrears calls. She’s an invaluable member of our team, and shows extreme dedication and passion in her work.

But without Learn to Hope, her life would look very different. 

Carly left school at 15-years-old with no qualifications and became a waitress. Early attempts to start a career were thwarted by her lack of qualifications but she persisted and, as a single mother to three children, she enrolled as a mature student. She passed her adult qualifications in Maths and English and began studying for a AAT Diploma in Accountancy. Sadly, her partner died and devastated, she dropped out of college.

Eventually, Carley sought and received treatment for severe depression and, fortunately for us, later found the courage to contact her Housing Association for career advice.

This decision changed her life.

After completely work experience with their Finance Department, she was referred to Learn to Hope. 

She was the first resident to undergo our training programme: we had the pleasure of training her for several hours per week over a three-month period. Her aptitude for income management was such that we were able to offer her a part-time job which would enable her to balance having a career with her long-term ill health. 

Carly’s manner is always calm and professional, and residents respond extremely well to her calls.