Help with UC

Flexible access to affordable support

Given the amount of Housing Benefit paid directly to landlords, it makes sense to meaningfully contact not just some of residents in receipt of Housing Benefit, but every single one.

To establish:

  • their level of understanding of Universal Credit.
  • whether they feel confident to budget monthly and make future rent payments themselves. 
  • if they have access to the internet and bank accounts with direct debit facilities. 
  • what further advice and support they would like from their landlord.

We can help:-

  • plan campaigns using transactional data analysis.
  • make and answer calls during the daytime, evening and weekend, including Sundays.
  • with administration.
  • contact residents by SMS, using a two-way SMS system that enables residents to book a call-back.
  • provide a range of methods to encourage residents to engage. Surveys can be completed by telephone                                 or online or by two-way SMS or through an App (and everything is client-branded). 
  • collate and analyse the responses.

We can also help clients to deliver resident satisfaction surveys.

This service helps to fund the training and employment of residents.