About Us

We are a social enterprise operating on a not-for-profit basis. Our aim is to get residents into employment by providing services that create jobs.

Our model is unique in delivering tangible benefits for both residents and landlords. It not only makes residents feel more confident and valuable but it’s more accessible than the standard Community Development & Training (CD&T) programmes available. 

 We have three main objectives:

  • To improve access CD&T, opening up opportunities for those most in need.
  • To build a mutually beneficial relationship between training and procurement that delivers savings, jobs and innovation.
  • To make CD&T pay for itself so the sector's commitment to resident training and employment continues to grow.

 How we make CD&T more accessible:

Most traditional CD&T programmes are open to anyone but cannot be accessed by everyone.

We take the CD&T programme into the homes of single parents, parents with young children, carers, disabled residents and those who live in isolated communities. 

We’ve created a CD&T model that:

  • is more accessible
  • provides the services that create real jobs
  • supports residents whilst they make the transition to full employment in gradual stages [Hyperlink to ‘Carly’s story page].
  • works in partnership with recruitment agencies

As a business, we are committed to leading by example and recruit three-quarters of our own staff from residents.

How we link CD&T to procurement:     

Most social landlords are dedicated to helping residents into employment, but few look for this in their own social housing.

Our service interweaves CD&T with the services that are most useful to landlords: this means that both clients and residents simultaneously benefit. The more services a landlord subscribes to, the more money is generated for resident training and employment. 

It's a different and complementary way for landlords to invest in people and offers unique benefits.

How we make CD&T pay for clients:

CD&T can help landlords drive cost-efficiencies, solve problems and deliver value for money.

As well as being a philanthropist at heart, our founder Sean Taylor is also a pragmatist when it comes to delivering services. Therefore, our services offer landlords the ability to drive down costs whilst also benefitting from exceptional service.

We not only offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional suppliers, and innovative ways to improve service delivery, but we also reduce the need for landlords to subscribe to services from multiple suppliers, ultimately reducing risks and costs.

Every service we deliver enables a resident to make a fresh start.  

 Learn to Hope (LTH) was founded by Sean Taylor in May 2017. He has worked in the heart of the housing sector for almost 25 years and understands the needs of Social Landlords and the importance of delivering results. To learn more about the rest of our teamclick here