Our Service

Designed to complement as opposed to replace the role of traditional employment agencies, we provide an altogether different service.

Whereas agencies help to manage vacancies, our unprecedented service helps clients manage sickness and absence. Workload spikes happen all the time. Whether it’s a peak period, new project, sick colleague, or just a busy day, getting overwhelmed can happen in the blink of an eye . We are on constant standby for our clients and specialise in providing instant cover for a matter of hours, days or weeks.  

  • We provide cover within a matter of minutes.
  • Clients sign a fixed-term contract and pay a minimum usage fee (over and above which they pay-as-they-go).
  • We learn our client’s systems and procedures in advance and are good-to-go straight away. 
  • We are a remote-based service and employ exceptional staff.
  • Clients automatically enrol onto our free employment and training programme for residents.

LTH originally began as an income management service, we can cover a variety of other roles and assist Call Centres.